Peer Reviewers

IJSF Peer Reviewers are scientists selected by IJSF Board of Editors based on their expertise to review the submitted articles.

So far, the list of IJSF peer reviewers are as follows (based on the date of acceptance):
1. Dr. Ir. Didik Suharjito (IPB, Bogor Agricultural University)
2. Dr. Ir. San Afri Awang, M.Sc. (Professor, UGM, Gadjahmada University)
3. Dr. Iwan Tjitradjaja (UI, University of Indonesia)
3. Dr. Rhys Andrews (Selkirk College, Canada)
5. Dr. Kulbhushan Balooni (Associate Professor, IIMK, India)
6. Dr. Mangala De Zoysa (Professor, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka)
7. Dr. Carol Colfer (CIFOR)
8. Dr. Don Messerschmidt (Social Forestry Specialist, USA)
9. Dr. Yuliani Linda (CGIAR)
10. Dr. Christine Padoch (New York Botanical Garden, USA).
11. Dr. Ujjwall Pradhan (FF, Nepal)
12. Dr. Moira Moeliono (CIFOR)
13. Dr. Gusti Z. Anshari (CIFOR)
14. Dr. Wolfram Dressler (University of Queensland, Australia)
15. Dr. Terry Sunderland (CIFOR)
16. Dr. Neil Byron (CPC, Canberra, Australia)
17. Dr. Douglas Sheil (ITFC)
18. Dr. Don Gilmour (University of Queensland, Australia)
19. Dr. Judith Mayer, Ph.D (Associate Professor, Humboldt State University, California)
20. Dr. Yvonne Everett, Ph.D (Associate Professor, Humboldt State University, California)
21. Dr. Charla Britt (Cornell University, USA)
22. Dr. Jefferson Fox (East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii)
23. Dr. Michael Underwood (University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
24. Dr. Cecilia Marie Danks (Associate Professor, University of Vermont, USA)
25. Dr. Kazuhiro Harada (Associate Professor, University of Hyogo, Japan)
26. Dr. Iean Russell (The University of Queensland, Australia)
27. Dr. Indra Prasad Sapkota (Member-Secretary Forest Strategy Development Taskforce Nepal Government, Nepal)
28. Dr. Syed Ajijur Rachman (CIFOR)
29. Dr. Sudeep Jana (Forest Action Nepal, World Commission on Protected Areas(WCPA)/IUCN)
30. Dr. Tetra Yanuariadi (ITTO, Yokohama)
31. Dr. Hariadi Kartodihardjo (Professor, Bogor Agricultural University)
32. Dr. Dodik R. Nurrochmat (Bogor Agricultural University)
33. ......

Note: On certain cases, the members of the Board of Editors could become the reviewers.

For reviewers who would like to download a Review Form, click here.