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The International Journal of Social Forestry (IJSF) herewith releases a Call for Papers for Volume 2 Number 1, where its theme is still on general issues of social forestry, both theoretical and empirical research papers, and experiences in dealing with social forestry issues in any particular country. The Editors welcome manuscripts that bring new knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned for people with other nationalities.

We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of the International Journal of Social Forestry (IJSF) has been published. In this edition, IJSF publishes five articles discussing some crucial issues, experiences, and lessons learned in the field of social forestry.
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For the ensuing edition, IJSF received numerous submitted articles from authors, totaling 9 articles. As there is one article ready to be published (from the previous cycle of publication), for the ensuing edition IJSF has 10 articles to be proceeded based on IJSF's S.O.P.
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International Journal of Social Forestry (IJSF) is a peer reviewed scientific journal focusing on social aspects of forest management, community-based management of forest-related resources, and forest governance and policy. The upcoming issue of IJSF still focuses on these general themes, and the Editors welcome manuscripts, both theoretical and empirical research papers, that bring new knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned on such issues.

We are proud to announce that IJSF has been published. There are two versions of IJSF publication in this edition, namely a printed version and an electronic version. With regards to the electronic version, a sample article is accessible online at this IJSF homepage.
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After passing the required phases in the publication process of IJSF, such as peer reviewing of the submitted articles, revisions based on the review results, editing, and so on, this section shall inform readers about the impending IJSF publication.
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For those who would like to submit an article, the author should first check whether his/her article has already adhered to the Author Guidelines. The submitted article should not be previously published, nor being simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere.

IJSF has a S.O.P in publishing articles to ensure their quality. It begins with a pre-reviewing of the submitted article, followed by main reviewing, article revisions by the author based on the review results, re-submission of the revised article, editing, creating page proof, the publication of articles, and the making of reprint/offprint of any articles.

To meet IJSF requirements in publishing its articles and for efficiency reasons in the publication process (reviewing, editing), IJSF has set certain guidelines for authors in its Author Guidelines. These Guidelines consist of scope, length of articles, contents order, headings hierarchy, reference style, etc.
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IJSF is an international journal; hence, the members of the Board of Editors come from many countries. At this time, their countries of origins are Indonesia, Canada, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Germany.

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