International Journal of Social Forestry


It is announced that International Journal of Social Forestry (IJSF) Volume 5 Number 1 has been published. In this edition, IJSF publishes five articles discussing some issues in the field of social forestry. The list of the published articles are as follows:

Exploring Family Forest Landowner Diversity: Place, Race, and Gender in Alabama, United States
John Schelhas, Yaoqi Zhang, Robert Zabawa, and Bin Zheng

Gender Role in Home Garden Management in the Indigenous Community: A Case Study in Bandarban Hill District, Bangladesh
Sharmila Das and Md. Mohiuddin

People’s Participation in Participatory Forest Management in the Sal Forests of Bangladesh: An Explorative Study
Panchanon Kumar Dhali, Jurgen Pretzsch, Klaus Romisch, Abdus Subhan Mollick

Local Knowledge and Tree Species Preference for Land Rehabilitation in Kenya
Edinam K. Glover

The Economic Value of Forest Hydrological Services: A Case Study at Bukit Suligi Protected Forest, the Upper Part Of Siak Watershed, Riau
Mamat Rahmat, Sofyan P. Warsito, Wahyu Andayani , Dwidjono H. Darwanto, And Takahiro Fujiwara