International Journal of Social Forestry


We are happy to announce that International Journal of Social Forestry (IJSF) Volume 4 Number 2 has been published. In this edition, IJSF publishes five articles discussing some crucial issues, experiences, and lessons learned in the field of social forestry. The list of the published articles are as follows:

Overcoming Vulnerability of Privately Owned Small-Scale Forest through Collective Management Unit Establishment: A Case Study of Gunung Kidul District, Yogyakarta in Indonesia (113-138) [PDF, 402 kb]
Takahiro Fujiwara, San Afri Awang, Wahyu Tri Widayanti, Ratih Madya Septiana, Himmah Bariatul, Mamat Rahmat, Agus Suyanto, Noriko Sato

Is Community Forestry Decreasing the Inequality Among Its Users? Study on Impact of Community Forestry on Income Distribution among Different Users Groups in Nepal (139-152) [PDF, 448 kb]
Badri Khanal

Confronting People-Oriented Forest Management Realities in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Actors’ Perspective (153-179) [PDF, 366 kb]
K.K. Islam, Hyakumura Kimihiko, Fujiwara Takahiro, Noriko Sato

Agroforests’ Potentials for the Improvement of the Livelihoods and Food Security in Guinean Highland Savannah (180-196) [PDF, 342 kb]
Pierre Marie Mapongmetsem, Claudette Baye-Niwah, Moksia Froumsia, Cecile Flore Kossebe, and Yougouda Hamawa

A Case Study on the Garo Ethnic People of the Sal (Shorea Robusta) Forests in Bangladesh (197-211) [PDF, 501 kb]
Nur Muhammed, Sheeladitya Chakma, Md. Farhad Hossain Masum, Md. Mohitul Hossain, And Gerhard Oesten