International Journal of Social Forestry


It is announced that the latest edition of the International Journal of Social Forestry (IJSF) has been published. In this edition, IJSF publishes five articles discussing some crucial issues, experiences, and lessons learned in the field of social forestry, as follws:

Increasing Women Access to Financial Resources Through Micro-Credit of Nepal's Community Forestry (1-16) [PDF, 303 kb]
Ridish K. Pokharel, Achyut R. Gyawali, Ram L. Yadav, Krishna R. Tiwari

Toward Communication, Education and Awareness Raising for Participatory Forest Management: A Case Study of Mufindi District, Tanzania (17-31) [PDF, 666 kb]
Manyisye K. Mpokigwa, Anthony Z. Sangeda, Said Iddi

Natural Forest Reserves Management From Local Perspectives: A Challenge for Developing a Participatory Forest Management Model (32-62) [PDF, 404 kb]
Amani Abdel Rahim Kobbail

An Overview of Policy and Institutional Frameworks Impacting the Use of Non Timber Forest Products in Central Africa (63-85) [PDF, 295 kb]
Ngome-Tata Precillia Ijang, Sven Walter, Ngueguim Jules. R

The Role of Boswellia and Commiphora Species in Rural Livelihood Security and Climate Change Adaptation in the Horn of Africa: Case Study of North-Eastern Kenya (86-112) [PDF, 477 kb]
Badal Ahmed Hassan, Edinam K. Glover, Olavi Luukkanen, Ben Chikamai, Ramni Jamnadass, Miyuki Iiyama, Markku Kanninen