International Journal of Social Forestry


In the short history of our journal, we have received some valuable submissions which however required time-consuming language editing by our editorial team. Hence, please take the time to ensure that your text is submitted in clear and correct English. While our editors can do a certain amount of language editing, it is unrealistic to expect that linguistically substandard submissions could be completely overhauled.

In our continuing effort to promote new knowledge and ensure a smoother submission process, we encourage authors to use available language editing support services (either from professional, user-pay editing services, or the services of colleagues and friends of the authors) before submission, if so needed.

Professional, user-pay editing services are available from other sources, such as: . IJSF does not endorse any such service; we are simply mentioning this as an example of services available. Use of any such service on your own does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted for publication, but it should enhance the chances of its timely consideration.

Submissions considered difficult to read and interpret because of language problems might not be considered by the Editors.